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  • No Risk - Test Us For FREE. Contact Us to arrange a free 2-day trial session. For this period you will experience the whole work process firsthand. Do not hesitate - we are awaiting your challenge!

  • 100% Guarantee on our first project. If you do not like what you get - you simply won't pay for it.

  • Smooth Communication. To ensure you get PROPER daily progress and feedback responses - we require of our artists to be fluent in English before getting them on board. Every single day all the team members that work on your designs will post what they have done on Trello thus you will see how the art is progressing and can give your remarks. We will apply it instantly.

  • We are based in Bulgaria. (So what?) As you know - Game Development here is heavenly cost-efficient. More than 10 of the biggest AAA games companies have established offices here which speaks for itself.

Too good to be true? - The explanation is simple. We want to make sure that both sides will be satisfied and enjoy working together. This is the basis for producing high quality results.

And if for some reason you do not like what we do - we end up with another game to include in our portfolio and great experience. It is a win-win situation for both.

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High-quality. Cost-efficiency. Deadline-compliance.

You can just focus on coding. Meanwhile, we will Draw, Model, Animate, Change or Polish your assets. Just as if you are having an in-house design team without the struggles of actually assembling one yourself.

For the past 4 years our studio has outsourced the graphics for 21 complete HTML5 slots games, 2 iOS/Android games and numerous small tasks and one-day jobs. And we have never missed a deadline…

You Can Outsource To Us:

As our clients you will be able to benefit from our know-how (we had to really dig deep) on HTML5 assets optimisation for browser games.

If you are using PIXI.js/Phaser.js or similar frameworks - it will be even easier. We utilize Spine for 2D animations which you will be able to directly import in your project.

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Initially the company started off as a full iOS/Android game development studio.

Not long after our first headline had been launched we were spotted by two big name companies in the iGaming industry for our outstanding art. Orders started pouring in and eventually our focus shifted towards outsourcing online slots graphics for our clients.

To be on top of our game and to keep a high level of professionalism we have set 5 work rules:

  • Quality above all!

  • Confidentiality is a must! (This is why you won't see screenshots of our slots designs in the portfolio)

  • Always meet the deadlines!

  • Be a perfectionist to the smallest detail!

  • Listen carefully to clients’ feedback and learn from it!

If you want to know more about us or would like our art to be part of your projects do not hesitate to Contact Us! We love it when our e-mail icon pops with a new inquiry!

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In order to give our clients better optimized graphics and to understand the whole online slots games development process deeply - we have actually developed one ourselves. You can preview our DEMO HTML5 GAME here:

You will get grpahics that are optimized with the Best Practices in the industry (Spine Animations, Color Quantiziation??, Frame Rate Optimization) - all exported properly and ready to drop in your code.

*Check the FPS meter in the upper left corner of the game.

We will be launching a complete Online Slots Design team in Mid-2019 that will be DEVELOPING games as well. If you want to pre-order games with certified mathemtics and ready to plug in your platform or portfolio. Or just want to check how we can cooperate - please do not hesitate and write us.


You can view a little of our work here.

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2D Art

Gallery of samples of 3D elements

3D Art

Characters gallery


Gallery of backgrounds and environment assets


Gallery of our animations


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